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- Your one-stop structured cabling provider

- Design Build Partner for office, building, and campus network needs

- Inside and Outside Plant Fiber Optic design and installation

- Project development and management



1004 Commercial Ave. 1068
Anacortes, WA 98221

Pride in our work.....

Who We Are-

Circuit Solutions provides structured cabling services to commercial, public, and private business entities.   It was originally formed in 1987 as an Idaho Corporation primarily as a large project company and serviced national hotel chains such as La Quinta Inns, Motel 6, Shilo Inns, and small and medium sized businesses. 


Circuit Solutions in its present form opened its doors in May of 2017 in the Western Washington region with a physical location in Anacortes, WA.  The lure of the ocean, boating in the San Juans, and the many outdoor activities predicated the move to Anacortes.  High quality of life allows Circuit Solutions to retain outstanding staff that is dedicated to our primary mission of making the selection, installation, and deployment of well thought out technology solutions to achieve our customers goals. 


While we are certified by leading market manufacturers such as Hitachi and OCC, we deliver our knowledge in an understandable solution-oriented manner.  Our project background bolsters our ability to plan, cost, and deliver a product on time and within your budget. 


What We Do-

Structured Cabling-

Voice grade, CAT6, and fiber cable plants (FOC) can be cleaned up, changed as needed for growth, or designed and installed in new build situations.  We offer design build services meaning if you have a new building plan, we can develop a solution that will fit your budget, provide opportunities for growth and technology enhancements, and be professionally installed, tested, and documented for your IT staff. 

We can test and certify all of your existing cabling using top level certification meters.  This allows us to verify not only our new installed cabling but the existing cabling bringing the entire network to the same standard.

Network server rooms can be designed and installed using cable tray systems that allow for growth and flexibility for any size organization. 


Recent Projects-

Whidbey Fire Station- 07/2019 Design, install, and certify new CAT6 and CAT6A cabling plant for Whidbey Fire Department Station #36.  This included the administration offices for the central facility of South Whidbey Fire EMS.  Project Cost: $5.7M  

Legend Brands- 06/2021 Design, install, and certify new CAT6 and Fiber Optic cable plant for 55,000SF Warehouse.  Establish backbone network of 3 data racks utilizing a fiber backbone to support a Meraki wireless solution.

Northwest Indian College- 05/2022 Remodel Business Center to support administrative staff.  Design, install and certify CAT6 cable plant and establish new rack location (IDF) for connectivity to existing services. 

Washington Army National Guard Barracks, Yakima Training Center- 11/2022  46,285SF barracks housing 128 personnel.  Design, install, and certify new CAT6 and Fiber Optic cabling plant including voice, data, wireless LAN, and CATV technologies.

Boys and Girls Clubs, Lummi Club- 01/2023 Remodel existing club.  All new CAT6 and Fiber Optic network to support various systems used by the club.  Design, install and certify network cabling in new MDF and IDF locations. 


Contact Us -

Circuit Solutions LLC

1004 Commercial Ave, 1068

Anacortes, WA  98221


Jeff Bear

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